Welcome to Bodywise Toronto

A Beauty Clinic for every BODY - Modern, Inclusive, Sexy!

When you walk through our doors, you’ll find a space that is accepting, inclusive and open to all. Bodywise Toronto is proud to serve the LGBTQ+ community, gender fluid clients, and all of our culturally diverse clients. Our city-center location makes it easy for you to stop by for a customized treatment or a quick facial before work or meet up with friends for coffee.

  • Face & Body Hair Removal

    From waxing to laser hair removal, We have something for everybody. Come get rid of that fuzz with us!

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  • Skin Rejuvenation & Facial Treatments

    Facials. Because filters don’t follow you around in real life.

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  • Body & Face Sculpting

    ’coz you don’t always need to exercise to lose some fat here and there! We can get rid of that cellulite too!

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High Quality Products

Many people underestimate the effect high-quality lotions and oils have on a spa treatment. We guarantee our all-natural products help you with that extra feeling of zen. If you fall in love, anything is available for purchase! 

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Bushbalm was founded on the promise to solve ingrown hairs, razor burn and...